Pastoral Care

The Chaplain provides ‘on the ground’, positive support for students and members of the school community. This can look like: sitting with a student who is on their own at lunchtime, one-on-one appointments, partnering with positive classroom activities and group discussions. Chaplaincy provides a caring, listening ear for the school community.

Social Justice

Each year, students from State High support different social justice initiatives on a local and global level, such as taking part in the World Vision 40 Hour Famine to raise funds for people experiencing extreme poverty across the globe.

Spiritual Support

For students who are interested (with parent/guardian consent), the Chaplain may sensitively provide positive spiritual support such as prayer, reflection and a safe space to explore life’s deep questions.

Lunchtime Groups

School can be a complex social environment. The Chaplain facilitates positive lunchtime groups to help students to build great social connections. These groups include activities such as: board games, team activities, connect groups, music and food.

Free Breakfasts

With the help of volunteers from the community, the Chaplain facilitates free hot pancake breakfasts each Friday morning before school. Students look forward to getting their freshly cooked pancake with maple syrup in a relaxed, friendly environment.


Food Hampers

The Chaplain also networks with local community care organisation, iSEE CARE, to provide food hampers to families in need or experiencing hardship. Often via referral from a school staff member, the Chaplain can organise to have a food hamper available at the school for the family by early the next week.